A small story.

He wakes up and walks out, and so does she.
He passes the old white picket fence he walked by every morning.
She walks by the old couples house that always said “hello” as she passed by.
His held held low he stares into the distance, carefully watching.
The past 4 years play through her mind and she walks on.
He walks onto the overpass, she on the opposite side as cars drive under.
They glance at each other, unsure and scared, walking toward the middle.
He glances over the edge, she does the same.
She asks, “Come here often?”.
He replys, “Almost everyday at dawn, you?”.
She says, “Once or twice..the noise helps.”
They talk for the next few hours, talking about their lives and why they come there but never at the same time.
He tells her, “You should come here more often, it’s nice to talk to someone.”
She grabs his hand and says, “No. Let’s go, just you and I; this place sucks.”
They walk to a park she likes to go to all the time, they sit in the grass.
He tries to not look at her, trying not to stare.
She looks and smiles, he stares.
He kisses her…everything fades to black..
He wakes up..
She stares at the ceiling, lit by sunlight.
They both get up to turn on their computers, the rest of their day planned out in solitude.
They both try to remember why they woke up so happy, but are so depressed at the same time.
She logs in, and so does he at the same time.
She says, “Good morning, want to go kill a boss?”
He replys, “Morning, and sure.”
They both play on, unaware..
The dream fades away into the back of their minds..
Their story repeats its self, over and over…
Their minds stay dark, their hearts stay locked, their souls untouched.

Honestly, I feel so distant now a days. Like I am not attached to this body, or this world, just floating around to see where I go next without thoughts. I only feel happy when around to or talking to certain people, two family members, one that I rarely get to see, that really want to see more often, and a few friends I have some how managed to keep. I feel so numb without someone by my side..